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Placement of doctors in the United Arab Emirates for a permanent employment in Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and etc.
- Work where others go on a holidays –

As a result of opening an additional office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) we were able to secure a considerable number of contracts with medical facilities in the private and in the public sector. In the next 5 years we need hundreds of medical specialists and senior doctors for working in the United Arab Emirates in following fields:

• Ophthalmology
• Cardiology
• Gynecology (only female doctors due to the local culture)
• Nephrology
• Neurology
• Dermatology
• Dentistry
• Radiology
• Anesthesia
• Surgery
• Urology
• Plastic Surgery
• Orthodontics
• Orthopedics

We ask you to fill out the registration form because we get various job orders from different clients. We will promptly send you a reply even if your special field of expertise is not listed. The main focus of our consultancy is particularly in providing information for newcomers to the United Arab Emirates when choosing the right position and for overcoming all challenges such as licensing procedures, housing, the right choice of a school for your children, etc.


Medical specialists with many years professional experience, good English skills, entrepreneurial thinking, tolerance and the willingness to engage with other cultures.

It is not necessary for the United Arab Emirates to speak Arabic! We are also available to take on special request from you or to mediate certain tasks as part of...

Our services

• Draft and negotiating contracts with your clients
• Revision of draft contracts received from your client
• Organization of your local travels and accommodation
• Licensing procedures
• Consultation directly in Dubai
• Organizing your visa and working permit

Your benefits

• You receive an attractive salary
• You have optimal working conditions
• You have regular working hours
• You want to get an attractive income and you can be tax exempted!
• 350 days of sunshine a year

Please contact our Ms. Lassoued Our headhunters are based in Dubai directly. We are of service for you fast and most efficiently!

Placement of Doctors for positions

Apart from purely placing you on the market, we also assist and interact for you in various fields of business and take over different services such as:

• Revision of drafted contracts received from the client or from the employer
• Organization of travel itineraries, accommodation, local transport, etc.
• Assisting with reimbursement forms, setting up and designing your own invoices, etc.

Information for hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers

Sick leave, holidays of doctors, pregnancies, unexpected changes in the employment structure or bottleneck situations are getting you in organizational challenges that you cannot cope with easily.

What can be done to ensure that challenges do not affect the day to day work? hunting heads Doc Search has the solution for you: We provide you with Senior Doctors and Medical Consultants that are available on short notice. They come in with outstanding skills and have a solid educational base with rich experiences. The service costs can be calculated on a fixed rate per hour/day/week/month. We provide you with the ideal candidate!

Information for private clinics

When a Medical Doctor is absent due to sick leave or if he is on an unexpected vacation then immediately the question arises: "What can I do that the patients are still taken care of?" hunting heads Doc Search has the solution!

Use the services of a Medical Consultant/Interim Doctor who continues the work in an optimal way and who cares about your patients most professionally. We help you by providing you a medical colleague who manages your healthcare facility as you normally do.

In addition we have Medical Doctors/Physicians who are retired already or who are having free capacity. They might go for an additional income as Medical Consultants and are available with their rich experiences, long-term knowledge and with their special expertise.

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