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hunting heads Doc Search is a division of hunting heads International specialized in the placement of highly qualified chief medical officers and senior doctors in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.), Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and in Saudi Arabia.

Via our highly efficient network, we also help our candidates to find the right hospital or clinic in the United Arab Emirates within quite a short period of time! In addition, we also assist our candidates to settle in the United Arab Emirates with the help of our local specialists.

We only search for the ELITE!

Our doctors are to be found in following disciplines:

Audiology + Hearing Aids
Breast Radiology
Bariatric Surgery
Clinical Nutritionist and Dietary
Dentistry and Maxillofacial
Dermatology and Cosmetology
Ent + Neck Surgery
Vascular Surgery
General Surgery
Hematology - Oncology
Intensive Care Unit
Internal Medicine
Interventional Cardiology
Laparoscopic Surgery
Neurology + Stroke Treatment
Nuclear Medicine
Obstetrics + Gynecology
Orthopedic Surgery
Pediatric Neurology
Plastic Surgery
Sports Medicine
Sleep Medicine

New Job Offers Dubai | Abu Dhabi

• Female Gynecologist, Private Clinic Dubai
• Female Consultant Radiologist, Dubai | AD
• Female Consultant Pediatrician, Abu Dhabi
• Consultant Internal Medicine, Abu Dhabi
• Haed Nurse (ARABIC SPEAKING) , Dubai
• Audiologist (Arabic Speaking only) , Dubai
• Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Dubai
• Consultant Obs./Gyn (Female only), Dubai
• Consultant Opthalmologist (refractive)
• Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Dubai
• Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Abu Dhabi
• Consultant Urologist Dubai
• Endoscopy Nurse, Dubai
• Medical Laboratory Technologist, Abu Dhabi
• Medical Laboratory Technologist, Dubai
• Medical Sonographer, Abu Dhabi
• Nurse Manager (ARABIC Speaking Only,) Abu Dhabi
• Optometrist, Abu Dhabi
• Sonographer / Ultrasonographer, Abu Dhabi
• Specialist Endocrinologist, Abu Dhabi
• Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecologist, Abu Dhabi
• Female Gynecologist (Online/Remote) - Dubai
• Sp.Endocrinologist
• Gastroenterologist in Dubai
• Neurologist in Dubai
• Dermatologist in Dubai
• Medical Professional Doctor/s in Dubai
• General Practitioner in Abu Dhabi – UAE
• Laproscopic Specialist in Abu Dhabi - UAE
• Specialist Laproscopic OBG in Abu Dhabi
• Neonatologist in Abu Dhabi
• Specialist Neurologist in Dubai
• Specialist Cardiologist in Dubai
• Specialist Cardiologist in Bahrain
• Endocrinologist in Abu Dhabi
• Specialist & Consultant Endocrinologist Abu Dhabi
• Consultant Breast Radiologist in Dubai
• Consultant Breast imaging Radiologist in Dubai
• Specialist Radiologist in Dubai
• Super Specialist Doctor/s in Abu Dhabi
• Chiropractor in Dubai
• Orthopaedic Consultant/Specialist Dubai
• General Dentist Dubai
• Plastic Surgeon in Dubai
• Consultant Gastroenterologist in Dubai
• Orthopedic Specialist Doctor/s in Abu Dhabi
• Dermatologist/s in Abu Dhabi - UAE/Dubai
• Female Radiology Specialist/Consultant in Abu Dhabi
• EU Registered Doctor/s in Dubai
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultant in Abu Dhabi

Accident Surgery Acupuncture Aesthetic Allergology Alternative Therapy Methods Analytic Psychology Andrology Anesthesia Anesthesiology Aniology Audiology Auditory Defect Aviation Medicine Biological Chemistry Blaneology Breast Radiology and Surgery Briatric Surgery Bronchical Cardiac Surgery Cardiology Cardiothoracic Cerebrovascular Chief Physican Child Psychiatry Child Psychotherapy Chinese Pharamceutical Chiropractic Clinic Clinic Jobs Clinical Nutritionist Computed Tomography Consultant Corneal TRansplantation Cosmetic Evelid Surgery Cosmotology Day Surgery Dental Dentistry Dentofacial Surgery Dermatology Diabetes Group Practice Diabetic Treatments Diabetology Diagnostic Radiology Dialysis Center Dialysis Unit Dietary Dietetics Electro Acupuncture Emergency Endcrinology Endodontia Endoscopy ENT Environmental Medicine Epilepsy Foot Surgery Gastroenterology General Medicine General Surgery Glaucoma Surgery Gynecology Hand Surgery Head of Department Head of Department Healthcare Hearing Aids Heart Surgery Hermatology Homeopathy Human Genetics Hydrotherapy Hyperthermia Hypnosis Implantology Infectious Disease Intensive Care Unit Internal Medicine Interventional Cardiology Kinesiology Laboratory Medicine Lalopathy Language Pedagogy Laparoscopic Surgery Laser Surgery Laser Therapy Laser Treatment Legal Medicine Logopedia Mammography Manual Therapy Maternity Clinic Maxillofacial Medical Climatology Medical Clinic Medical Consultant Medical Consultant Medical Specialist Medical Specialist Medicare Mesotherapy Microbiology Naturopathy Neck Surgery Neonatology Nephrology Nesthesiology Neuro-Oncology Neurological Restorative Medicine Neurology Neurophysiology Neurorehabilitaion Neuroscience Education Neurosurgery NICU Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Spin Tomography Nutrition Counceling Nutritional Science Obesity Surgery Obstetrics Occupational Medicine Occupational Therapy Oncology Open Heart Surgery Ophtalmology Orthopedic Osteology Osteopathy Otolaryngology Otology Paediatrics Pain Management Pain Therapy Pathology Pediatric Caridology Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric Neurology Pediatric Ophtalmology Pediatric Orthopedics Pediatric Surgery Pediatrics Periodontology Pharmacology Phlebology Physical Medicine Physical Medicine Physical Medicine Physiotherapy Planar Radial Shockwave Therapy Plastic Surgery Pneumology Practitioner Preventive Medicine Proctology Psychiarty Psychology Psychosomatic Medicine Psychotherapist Psychotherapy Pulmonary Medicine Pulmonology Radiation Therapy Radiologist Radiology Refractive Surgery Rehabilitative Medicine Remedial Gymnastics Respiratory Retinal Disease Treatment Rheumatology Sexual Medicine Shockwave Therapy Skin Disease Sleep Disorders Sleep Medicine Social Medicine Specialist Specialist Spine Sports Medicine Sports Traumatology Stomatology Stroke Treatment Surgery Therapeutic Riding Thoracic Surgery Toxicology Transfusion Medicine Trauma Surgeon Travel Medicine Tropical Medicine Urology Vascular Medicine Vascular Surgery Venereal Disease Venerology Vocal Special Education

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